Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™

Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™

Image of an Endeavor Wood stove featuring cast door and standard legs.
Endeavor Wood stove by Lopi featuring standard legs in traditional setting

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  • Heating Capacity: Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Max BTU: 67,090 BTU
  • Firebox Size: 2.5 cu. ft.
  • Emissions: 1.4 gr/hr
  • Max Log Size: 18″
  • Burn Time: Up to 10 Hours
  • Efficiency: 74.2%
  • Weight: 448 lbs.
  • Compatible with : GreenStart™ Igniter & Outdoor Air Kit!



  • Lopi’s Best Selling Wood Stove Since 1984!
  • The Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ is our #1 selling wood stove because it combines beauty, form and function with unbeatable performance! This stove is ideal for heating mid-sized to large homes up to 2,000 square feet. The Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ features a massive door and fire viewing area, along with a 2.5 cubic foot firebox that can accommodate logs lengthwise up to 18 inches long. The standard bypass damper on this stove makes startups easy and prevents smoke-backs during reloading. (Alcove and mobile home approved.)

    The Endeavor is compatible with Lopi’s revolutionary GreenStart™ option for the modern wood burner; just load your wood and push a button! We’ve completely eliminated slow, cracked open door startups and laboring over fickle newspaper.